The small town of Marion, Indiana is the home of another important member of our family. Nestled between our Indianapolis plant and Fort Wayne, Welch Packaging Marion was making custom boxes long before joining the Welch family in 2013.

custom boxes

Welch Packaging Marion has grown to be especially adept at designing and manufacturing corrugated boxes for the automotive and agricultural sectors found throughout the city. Small boxes, specialty glued items, and custom corrugated buildups are perfect for the surrounding automotive parts and component manufactures. Their cardboard trays can be designed in a multitude of ways to support the local agricultural industry. Additionally, their design lab is able to design and build almost any other custom box solution you may need.

In the nearly three years that Kyle has been the General Manager at Welch Packaging Marion (and even longer with the company) his passion has never changed. “The thousands of instances in a year that our people come together to solve problems; the why we do it, not just to sell a box but to truly take care of the customer and our community,” is what keeps him motivated to give his best daily.

Welch Packaging Marion, like all our locations, enjoys giving back to the local community. Whether it’s donating food, collection bins, or participating in giving events, you’ll frequently find a Welch Packaging associate giving their all outside the plant as well!