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Corrugated boxes are one of the most common packaging methods. They are inherently environmentally friendly, have a high strength to weight ratio, and protect products throughout the shipping process. All cardboard boxes start out as corrugated board which has at least three layers of paper, two smooth sheets sandwiching a fluted layer.


Most custom packaging box manufacturers must purchase their corrugated board from a corrugated sheet supplier. With the installation of our state of the art corrugator, we have the manufacturing ability to make our own corrugated boards. This allows us to create corrugated boxes specific to our customer’s needs without worrying about the corrugated board market fluctuations.


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"Our corrugator ensures that we are less affected by market shortages and our corrugated board grades are always consistent."

Welch Corrugated Board Grades

Having our own corrugator has allowed us to experiment and create our own corrugated board grades. These board grades are designed to be lighter, stronger, and use less material than traditional corrugated board grades.


Welch WP130 - E, B and C Flute

  • Economical option to a heavier board without sacrificing performance
  • Lighter package equals reduced freight weight
  • Using less material to create the same package results in a smaller environmental footprint
  • Increases customer sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging
  • Cost effective option for 125#, 150#, 175#, 23 ECT, 26 ECT, 29 ECT.


Welch WP242 - BC Flute


Welch WP243 - EB Flute

  • High performance light weight packaging grade using slimmer flute profiles
  • Excellent performance in both printing and bursting strength
  • Higher strength to thickness ratio than C flute
  • Increased resistance to crushing versus traditional single wall
  • Lightweight alternative to heavier single wall grades with better overall performance
  • Requires less space than traditional CB double wall meaning more items per pallet (125 vs 75)
  • Exceeds strength, print quality, and number of flutes in 44 ECT with no additional cost
  • Cost effect alternative for 275#, 55 ECT, 44 ECT


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